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Thread Subject:
MCR on Windows 7 64bit - help!

Subject: MCR on Windows 7 64bit - help!

From: Craig Hamilton

Date: 28 Oct, 2011 21:09:32

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I've compiled my program in Matlab 2011a Windows 64-bit:

mcc -C -m myprogram.m

It produced the exe and the ctf files just fine.

I have run the MCRinstaller.exe for this version of Matlab on the target machine.

When I try to run myprogram.exe on the target machine, I get the following error:

        "Could not find version 7.15 of the MCR. Attenmpting to load mclmcrrt7_15.dll."

I have verified that this dll exists and it is in the location specified in the system path.

What is the trick to getting this to work? I've done all this on 32bit machines and it works fine.

Thanks for any help!

Craig Hamilton

Subject: MCR on Windows 7 64bit - help!

From: ImageAnalyst

Date: 28 Oct, 2011 22:18:12

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Craig Hamilton:
Your target computer has not installed the MCR that you used to build
your app. Have them run MCRInstaller.exe. You said you did but
apparently you didn't, or at least not the right version of it. It
installs under the c:\Program Files\MATLAB folder. Look for a folder
that says something about the compiler.

Note: If your target computer is a 32 bit Win7 computer, then you'll
have to install 32 bit MATLAB and compile from there. You can have
both the 32 bit and the 64 bit version of MATLAB on your computer. I
do. You have to compile and deploy with the one that matches your
target computer. You said you had it work right on the 32 bit
computers so that leads me to think you have 32 bit MATLAB on your
computer, not the 64 bit version, unless you just didn't mention
that. Are you sure you didn't run 32 bit MATLAB on your 64 bit
computer and try to deploy that to a 64 bit computer? It think it
might be okay though, as long as you install the 32 bit compiler to c:
\Program Files (x86) folder instead of the c:\program Files folder.

Subject: MCR on Windows 7 64bit - help!

From: kinor

Date: 17 Jul, 2012 16:50:22

Message: 3 of 3


nothing more than an interesting note:
I just did the error: i compiled an app on 64 Bit and it started in the 32 bit mcr with surprising changes in the menues and other behaviour.


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