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Thread Subject:
curve fitting

Subject: curve fitting

From: Snow White

Date: 7 Nov, 2011 19:05:13

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I have to use sine curve fitting to experimental data in order, to estimate the parameters of a function. My experimental data follows a sine function, the initial estimates that i give to the lsqcurvefit function are also a sine function varying between 0 and 1. But the results that i get from teh lsqcurvefit are in a shrunk range:

max=0.8610 and min=0.8411

while they should be between 0 and 1.

I have used the following initialization and according to this too teh values are varying between 0 and 1:

 B= lsqcurvefit(@polsin,A,transpose(polang),transmitted_intensity,[0 0 0],[1 1 pi],optimset('Display','off'))

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