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Thread Subject:
contour xyz rgb data

Subject: contour xyz rgb data

From: nman2084

Date: 7 Nov, 2011 21:59:14

Message: 1 of 1

I have xyz rgb data, i would like to do a contour plot with rgb values shown along.

 Here is what i have for only xyz data:

spX = linspace(c.minX, c.maxX);
spY = linspace(c.minY, c.maxY);
[xC,yC] = meshgrid(spX,spY);

zC = bin2mat(c.x,c.y,c.z,xC,yC); %Using this file exchange function

contourf(xC(1,:),yC(:,1),zC,linspace(c.minZ, c.maxZ, 50));
axis equal

I would like to have rgb values represented instead of colormap gray, since each of the data point has a corresponding rgb values.

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