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Thread Subject:
Matrix Converter oN SImulink

Subject: Matrix Converter oN SImulink

From: Riyan Irawan

Date: 9 Nov, 2011 01:18:11

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Hello friends,
    I'm riyan from indonesia. now, i'm working on matrix converters. can anyone pls suggest me or send me the models/reference for the matrix converters (actually i'm working using PWM modulation).I want to replace the inverters with this matrix converters for my wind energy conversion system. Or can somebody pls send me the image of voltage output for each phase of matrix converter cz i want to know the exact picture from output voltage for each phase cz when i try to find it using different simulation i always get the output of each phase always overlapping (there is no phase difference)..

Thank You
Best Regard

Subject: Matrix Converter oN SImulink

From: saeed akhter

Date: 11 May, 2014 04:55:10

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As salam O Alikum
please send me all informtion which you have done in your project. i am working on matrix converter using space vector modulation. i am very thank full to you.
> Thank You
> Best Regard

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