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Thread Subject:
Help with vector operations

Subject: Help with vector operations

From: Adam

Date: 9 Nov, 2011 12:20:31

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I am having trouble with a very simple concept. I'd like to optimize some for loops I've created but can't seem to understand why my vector operations won't work. Here is a very simple example of what I'm trying to do:



I get the error "index exceeds matrix dimensions". I believe the error is in computing c(3), as it does not know c(2) yet? However, when I loop this as follows I get no error:


for i=2:3

Why can I use the loop but not the vector operation? This is probably very simple but I can't seem to find an explanation anywhere. Can anyone offer some help? Thanks in advance!

Subject: Help with vector operations

From: Tim Love

Date: 9 Nov, 2011 13:02:12

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> Why can I use the loop but not the vector operation?

Because the loop determines the order that the operations are run in. The loop boils down to "c(2)=a(2)-c(1); c(3)=a(3)-c(2);" which is ok. As you say, in the vectorized version you can't make assumptions about the order of operations, so having c(2) on the RHS is a problem.

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