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Thread Subject:
matlab compiler

Subject: matlab compiler

From: Mathew Thomas

Date: 3 Dec, 2011 08:07:08

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Is there any way for MATLAB to tell (give some kind of feedback) informing the user if the m-file is run and executed or if the compiled executable is run and executed.

I have some embedded java functions that will not run when compiled, but will work when directly run from MATLAB. I would ideally like to keep both versions, for e.g., some kind of loop;
if compiled_version
      do not run the function;
elseif mfile version
      run function;

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance,

Subject: matlab compiler

From: Mathew Thomas

Date: 3 Dec, 2011 08:26:08

Message: 2 of 4

Figured it out ! Thanks !

Subject: matlab compiler

From: Matt J

Date: 3 Dec, 2011 09:22:09

Message: 3 of 4

"Mathew Thomas" wrote in message <jbcmf0$sd4$>...
> Figured it out ! Thanks !

Presumably you came across ISDEPLOYED. I mention it explicitly in case someone else searches this thread.

Subject: matlab compiler

From: Mathew Thomas

Date: 4 Dec, 2011 06:35:08

Message: 4 of 4

Thanks Matt ! I should have done it as well.

I did use ISDEPLOYED. ISMCC could be another option.


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