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Thread Subject:
Confidence intervals for glmfit-output betas?

Subject: Confidence intervals for glmfit-output betas?

From: Nicholas

Date: 24 Dec, 2011 21:52:08

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Hi All-

Functions like regress provide the user with confidence intervals for the possible values of the output betas:

[B,BINT] = REGRESS(Y,X) returns a matrix BINT of 95% confidence
    intervals for B.

Is there an equivalent of this for glmfit? This is particularly relevant for null results; i.e., if the beta is close to zero, and the confidence interval includes zero and is narrow, that provides greater support for not rejecting the null hypothesis.

Is there a way to get glmfit to output the (1-alpha)th confidence intervals for each beta value that is output? Or is there a way to transform its output into those intervals?


Subject: Confidence intervals for glmfit-output betas?

From: richard.willey@gmail...

Date: 26 Dec, 2011 23:49:10

Message: 2 of 2

The third output from glmfit is a structure.

The structure contains a field named "se" which contained the standard error for the regression coefficients.

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