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Thread Subject:
Detection using generalized likelihood ratio test(GLRT)?

Subject: Detection using generalized likelihood ratio test(GLRT)?

From: zayed

Date: 27 Dec, 2011 22:01:08

Message: 1 of 1

I am doing radar signal detection using GLRT based on multiple hypothesis testing(MHT) problem on the complex measured vector recorded by the radar during the ToT(time on target) , It is made up by a whitening-matched filter (matched to p ,where p is target steering vector of the form p(n)=exp(j2*pi*f*n)).I have a complex Gaussian noise signal with length (5000*1) ,to find covariance matrix from it.also I have radar_received signal with length (5000*1).But I don't know how to implement this matlab, and how to deal with these signals in matlab.

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