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Thread Subject:
Help with uitable

Subject: Help with uitable

From: Kevin Ellis

Date: 3 Feb, 2012 03:40:27

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I have been trying to create a table using the MatLab function "uitable." I understand basically how the function works and have successfully output a table with the correct data, however I would like to better organize the data so I have a few questions:

1) A typical data entry will read 0.0036. For my purposes I would like to increase the number of digits, to say for example 0.00360491239. I realize having so many digits seems redundant, but I am trying to study the effect of convergence for various numerical methods.

2) If possible, I would like each data entry to be centered in the cell.

3) I have been trying to play around the with the 'Position' table property. Is there a way to just have the table fill the figure screen? Instead of having surrounding gray space?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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