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Thread Subject:
writing functions

Subject: writing functions

From: James

Date: 3 Feb, 2012 05:44:12

Message: 1 of 2

i have to creat a function of

f(x) ={ 3-|2x| if|x|<=1.5
           0 if x<-1
         2x-2 if x >1

this is what i did but not why it is not working

function out = myfun1(in)
if in<= abs(1.5)
    out =3-abs(2x);
else if in <-1

Subject: writing functions

From: Roger Stafford

Date: 3 Feb, 2012 07:25:10

Message: 2 of 2

"James " <> wrote in message <jgfs7c$28h$>...
> f(x) ={ 3-|2x| if|x|<=1.5
> 0 if x<-1
> 2x-2 if x >1
- - - - - - - - -
  Your trouble is principally caused by the poor function definition. If for example x is equal to 1.25 it satisfies both the requirement that abs(x)<1.5 and that x>1, or if x = -1.25 it satisfies both abs(x)<1.5 and x<-1. What is 'out' supposed to be in these cases? You had better straighten that out before you attempt to write code for it.

Roger Stafford

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