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Thread Subject:
IMAQ and DCAM on Linux

Subject: IMAQ and DCAM on Linux

From: Germán Holguin

Germán (view profile)

(Germán Holguin)

Date: 6 Mar, 2012 02:02:12

Message: 1 of 1

According to the documentation DCAM is supported on Linux 64 for Matlab R2011b and Imaq 4.2

I have been trying to use a IIDC complaint camera with the IMAQ toolbox in a 64 bits Linux Machine. However, the DCAM adaptor is not even listed as such when running "imaqhwinfo".

If I do: imaqregister([matlabroot '/toolbox/imaq/imaqadaptors/glnxa64/' ]) I get:
   Empty cell array: 0-by-1

If I open a terminal and run Coriander, my camera works fine without errors or warnings. No need for sudo it. My user will work just fine. My camera also works fine with my own C/C++ code that is based on libdc1394-22 and libraw1394-11. So, those libraries are installed and well tested.

Any idea how to make DCAM to show up in the list of adaptors ? or any idea what might be happening here ?

Thanks !

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