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Thread Subject:
zoom datatip multipel images

Subject: zoom datatip multipel images

From: Theodor Zouk

Date: 7 Mar, 2012 08:26:30

Message: 1 of 1

I have a problem when zooming in on an area with multipel images and a datatip displayed by "imagesc".

Here is the scenario:

Im displaying an image and putting it hold on so it remains as an "background" image, lets call it image1.Then Im applying a datatip on image1, with the Data Cursor tool in the figure's toolbar. I display a second image, image2, on top of image1 that have the same size as image1, though most part of image2 is transparent (alphadata) but the untransparent area is placed over the datatip. The datatip is still visible.
When I zoom in (using the zoom in the figure's toolbar) on an area around the datatip (which has visible data from image2) the visible data from image2 disappears and you only see image1 and the datatip. Zooming out to default displays image1 and the datatip and then makes image2 visible again.

If I zoom in on an area with image1 and image2 data but which doesn't have a datatip, both image1 and image2 data is visible.

So the problem occurs only when you zoom in the area with the datatip displayed in image1.

Does anybody have a clue why data of image2 is not visible when zooming in when you have a datatip stored/displayed in image1?

Im thankful for any suggestions

Best regards

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