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Thread Subject:
estimate speed and duration of object from image

Subject: estimate speed and duration of object from image

From: edward kabanyas

Date: 9 Mar, 2012 06:41:35

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Dear All,

Currently I am working in cloud cluster propagation. I am detecting statistical properties of cloud cluster by using the 2D-auto correlation function in longitude-time diagram. This method extract the distance of cloud journey, duration, or speed. Based on my experience, this method is not so
accurate for my study because several reasons. For example, if we
calculate the zonal propagation (the data are averaged in latitude): (1)
two or more clouds can be assumed as one cloud if several clouds occur in
same longitude in the same time(2) possible error no.1 can be reduced if
we averaged the data in small window, but when Meridional
propagation of the cloud is also very significant (Some large clouds move
northward and southward), averaging the data in small window
could reduce their span or duration.

By this kind of problem, I am thinking to use long-lat plot (satellite image) instead of
time-longitude plot, to derive the statistical properties of the cloud. Probably some of us have experience in satellite image processing.

I read the following matlab function: Probably some of friend here could explain to me the way to extract the cloud cluster
parameters (speed of propagation, duration, and span) by using that
function. I am using Tb (brightness temperature) data of GMS-5 satellite. The image is hourly produced. I can not imagine how to calculate
the speed of propagation, duration, and span from this image. Of course,
we can do by our hand, by printing all image and overlay them and take the
start position and end position of each cluster. But by hand, it is impossible for long record data and in programing,
it is still not imaginable for me now.

If some body could explain about this or share some links, it is really appreciated.

Thank you

Subject: estimate speed and duration of object from image

From: ImageAnalyst

Date: 9 Mar, 2012 13:51:50

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At the recent Electronic Imaging January 2012 meeting in San
Francisco, there was a talk on cloud measurement. In addition, there
are several upcoming SPIE conferences on it:

Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, Clouds, and Precipitation IV

Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere

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