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Thread Subject:
Iterative LS channel estimation for LTE - MIMO case

Subject: Iterative LS channel estimation for LTE - MIMO case

From: Florent Kadrija

Date: 3 Apr, 2012 08:09:11

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I am currently doing a project on iterative channel estimation for LTE - currently working on MIMO case for fast fading. Let us consider the simplest case 2x1(Tx=2, Rx=1). As we know if one antenna is transmitting a pilot symbol the other antenna transmits nothing (or it transmits the zero symbol). Consider now the iterative case (in which the hard decoded bits/symbols now are iteratively used as pilot symbols). We have the case:

Let say: y_rx (Rx signal) is of size 72x14 (72 Subcarriers and 14 OFDM symbols)
the feedback signal from decoder (which is composed now from pilot symbols + data symbols + zero symbols coming from another antenna), call it y_tx_feedback is of size 72x14x2(Subcarr. x OFDM symb. x TX antenna).

The Problem is:

Since we have 2 Tx antennas: the positions of pilot symbols from antenna 2 are zero at antenna 1 and viceversa.

Now I want to derive the iterative LS channel estimation for this case, but if I use the conventional formula like: H_ls=y_rx ./y_tx_feedbak, in the positions that are 0 in y_tx_feedbak I take Inf + Infi.

Does any one have an Idea how to derive in Matlab this problem or have e Hint for me?
It would halp me a lot?

Thanks in advance,

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