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Thread Subject:
Expectation Value....

Subject: Expectation Value....

From: Florent Kadrija

Date: 8 Apr, 2012 12:07:12

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as I am new in Matlab, so I need your help.

I want to replace the following inverse matrix (X'*X)^-1 with its expectation value:

E{(X'*X)^-1} = E{|1/Xk|^2}I

X'*X and (X'*X)^-1 is a diagonal matrix. Could anyone give me an Idea how to write it in matlab this expectation value. The elements of a matrix X are composed by QPSK symbols, or 16-QAM, or 64-QAM. Assume for now QPSK.

Assuming the same
signal constellation on all tones and equal probability on all constellation points.

Thanks in advande.

Subject: Expectation Value....

From: Florent Kadrija

Date: 9 Apr, 2012 10:55:12

Message: 2 of 2

No help untill now....

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