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Thread Subject:
overlap several images

Subject: overlap several images

From: edward kabanyas

Date: 11 Apr, 2012 02:03:17

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Dear All;

I would like to make a 3D tracking (xyt) for my data. Actually I have 2D cloud (lat-long) data for every hour and I want to tract the propagation of each cloud in the image, e.,g, the starting time, ending time, starting position (lat, long), ending position (lat-long). After that, I can estimate the duration, speed, and soon.

I started by using 2D tracking (x-y) for each hour-image as:

Datanew = bwlabel(Data,4);
Track1h = regionprops(Datanew,'Area','Centroid');

Yes, from this we got the area, centroid of possible clouds. Assume, we have 24 hours observation so that we have 24-image and to get starting time, ending time, starting position (lat, long), ending position (lat-long), we must have are continuity in
time and the area overlap by some percent of the area in each possible cloud and it can not do in 2D tracking, probably we can do it in time series, however, it is difficult because we don not know the overlapped area of each possible cloud from the above code.

Probably you have other suggestion to do it ? In my mind, we must do 3D tracking (xyt) from 3D data not from 2D data, but I don't know whether 3D tracking from 3D data is possible in matlab or not. Thanks for best help..


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