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Thread Subject:
Convert an array to a hexahedral mesh?

Subject: Convert an array to a hexahedral mesh?

From: Nic Roberts

Date: 19 Apr, 2012 18:53:12

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I have a 3D array, each element either being 0 or 255. For each element that equals 255 I would like to 'voxelise' it. That is I would like to create a cube to represent the element geometrically. Then store the vertex/node information to construct an FEA mesh.

The main problem I'm having is numbering the nodes as some of the elements share nodes.

The way I am using to get around this is to store a grid containing every node that could exist in the volume whether or not it is associated with an element or not. (Uniform Cartesian mesh)

I end up with loads of redundant nodes which isnt good.

Is anybody aware of any node-element numbering algorithms that deal with this sort of thing?

Thanks for any pointers,


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