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Thread Subject:
Monitoring FTP traffic (bytes received) and Aborting download

Subject: Monitoring FTP traffic (bytes received) and Aborting download

From: Lemikainen

Date: 5 May, 2012 08:22:07

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I'm trying to develop app, which connects to FTP and then performs operations such us uploading and downloading data in order to measure bitrate...

It's already working, but i still can't figure out, how to measure bytes received or sent which i could use for progress bar. Is that even possible somehow with MATLAB's limited ftp fcn?
(f.e. using some java ftp class, sockets? i don't have much experience with this)

i´ve already tried using windows cmd ftp client, it works until i connect to ftp, but than hangs

and question 2:
is there a way to stop running mget/mput fcn in progress? User should be able to abort download... (not a word about matlab's ftp auto reconnect behavior which drives me crazy... )

thx, any help would be appreciated

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