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Thread Subject:
Grib reader efficiency

Subject: Grib reader efficiency

From: Jose Miguel

Date: 13 Jun, 2012 12:16:07

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Dear all,

I'm using ERA reanalysis data (500MB is the size of each grib file, one per year).
I've used a couple of Grib reader toolboxes, nctoolbox and njTbx and the performance when reading a variable is quite poor.

It takes about 20 seconds to extract a variable in the form (:, :, latpoint, longpoint) which makes the routine to extract the information of 20 years extremely long (over 2 hours).

With nctoolbox I'm reading the information using the following instruction:,:,inx2,inx3);
being inx2 and inx3 the lat/long points

Do you know any faster way of reading such files?
Or maybe give me some recommendation with nctoolbox (users) ?

Thank you very much,

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