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Thread Subject:
Attempt To Modify Configurable Subsystem

Subject: Attempt To Modify Configurable Subsystem

From: Michael Bernard

Date: 17 Jun, 2012 18:02:06

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Dear Good Friends

I am trying to study the model power_machines in Matlab 2011b. But whenever I try to delete a block from the excitation system, I get the message that says "Attempt To Modify Configurable Subsystem...Attempted to modify 'power_machines which is locked(read-only) model"

In matlab 2009, one can modify any demo model. Is this not posible with Matlab 2011?
Why am I getting this error message?

I want to replace the original excitation control in Matlab demo model by some other control and study what happen. But every time I try to delete the control blocks,I get the error.

Please help .


Subject: Attempt To Modify Configurable Subsystem

From: Rasoul Mobasheri

Date: 21 Dec, 2012 15:28:13

Message: 2 of 2

simply just copy whatever inside the block and past it somewhere else and make a new subsystem. now I guess you can change what ever you want and replace the new subsystem with the previous one ... I hope it works ..
Good luck :)

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