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Thread Subject:
matlab coder about Variable-Size input function

Subject: matlab coder about Variable-Size input function

From: dai zhengguo

Date: 20 Jun, 2012 14:08:06

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Deal all:

I met a problem about using matlab coder toolbox. When I used the coder gui for mexing some matlab functions, I found I can not get the right solution since the input of function which I should mex is Variable-Size. For example, the test function is here:

function outsize = test(a)

outsize = size(a);

Can anyone give me a example code to tell me how to get the mex function(test_mex) of test function above? Then I can test the mex file by a = test_mex([1 2]) or a = test_mex([1 1; 2 2]) something like that.

I am really new to code generation.

Best wishes

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