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Thread Subject:
How to integrate ccs into matlab

Subject: How to integrate ccs into matlab

From: Recep

Date: 22 Jun, 2012 09:31:06

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I couldn't make work the ccs 3.3 on my computer so I installed TI CCS v5 on my computer and then using the following link
I followed steps and configured matlab for ccs v5 but couldn't make it work. ccs v5 is working correctly standalone but I cannot reach it through matlab.
When I run ticcs or ccsboardinfo or checkenvsetup commands I'm getting error messages starting with this;

??? Cannot start CCS application (COM error code: 0x80040154). Verify that your CCS software is installed and configured properly.

So I tried to modify system paths, going system properties, I defined ways for ccs v5 (there are some defined paths for ccs v4 and v3.3 because I installed them all before) but nothing changed.
I'm out of ideas and data for solving this problem. Can anyone suggest me a solution for this?

Subject: How to integrate ccs into matlab

From: Antonin

Date: 16 Jul, 2012 10:59:16

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The commands _ticcs, ccsboardinfo_ will only work with ccs V3.3 You can run checkenvsetup but make sure you mention ccsv4.

i.e. checkEnvSetup('ccsv4','f28335','check')

Matlab support for ccs v4 is via a makefile based approach, it only uses the command line tools provided by ccs v4.
The same can be used with ccs v5, you can follow this workaround to make it work with Matlab R2012a:
Then just try to generate code a Simulink model, make sure that you pick "Texas Instrument Code composer Studio v4 (makefile generation only)" on your Target Preferences block.
I hope it helps.

Subject: How to integrate ccs into matlab

From: Antonin

Date: 24 Jul, 2012 10:40:08

Message: 3 of 4

You want to ry the following tutorial:

Subject: How to integrate ccs into matlab

From: Antonin

Date: 27 Jul, 2012 07:28:25

Message: 4 of 4

Sorry I had to remove the above link.

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