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Thread Subject:
Ticks disappearing in matlab plot

Subject: Ticks disappearing in matlab plot

From: Jose Miguel

Date: 26 Jun, 2012 17:24:07

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Dear all,

I'm using the drawShadedRectangle option to fill the box of several plots,

When using it, there's a problem, similar to know transparecy problems in matlab plots.
The ticks of the x and y axis disappear (just the ticks, not the labels or the box).

Would it be possible to any of you to give me hand, either through some code or doing some modification in the drawShadedRectablge function?

Thank you very much,
Best regards

Subject: Ticks disappearing in matlab plot

From: Nathan Orloff

Date: 26 Jun, 2012 22:07:09

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Make sure you are referring to the correct axes handles. It could be that the function you are referring to is creating a new set of axes that are laid over the ones you are referring to. As a consequences your ticks disappear.

That's my guess anyway. I had a similar problem using plotyy.

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