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Thread Subject:
mat lab file

Subject: mat lab file

From: sathish kumar

Date: 24 Jul, 2012 06:09:12

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please i need help for this concept code i.e,
 i am using 4 by 4 matrix
''at the destination node where multiple antennas are placed ,in order to detect original bitstream in MIMO like transmission , i am using successive interfearence cancellation with fixed detection order in conjunction with zero forcing (ZF-SIC) at each detection stage with QR decomposition . ''
my received signal is y = H x + n
where H is channel matrix
x= transmitted vector
y=received vector
by QR decomposition
Q is unitary matrix with orthogonal columns
R is upper triangular matrix
qr decomposition is done by Gram Schimidt method
then final received signal equation is
Y =Q^H *y = R x + Q^H n = R x + u
where Q^H means hermitian transpose of Q

Subject: mat lab file

From: Sargondjani

Date: 24 Jul, 2012 06:22:09

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I doubt if anybody is going to write a concept code for you. It's probably a better idea to come up with a concept code yourself and then ask specific questions on things you have difficulty with...

Subject: mat lab file

From: sathish kumar

Date: 26 Jul, 2012 12:23:11

Message: 3 of 5

thank u for u r reply
but there is nobody for me but i want to learn how to detect those type of detection process in coding, because i am at basic level in writing the matlab coding
please give basic steps to detect those type of detection process especially when we are
decomposing the channel matrix like QR decomposition
please help me in writing matlab coding
thank u

Subject: mat lab file

From: Sargondjani

Date: 27 Jul, 2012 09:04:09

Message: 4 of 5

you really have to do more yourself... i dont know much about QR decomposition but a google search 'qr decomposition matlab' yielded a function than can do this:

this makes it hard for me not to think you are just being lazy...

Subject: mat lab file

From: sathish kumar

Date: 28 Jul, 2012 05:30:45

Message: 5 of 5

thank u for reply
no i am not lazy
i am trying to write the code for qr decomposition but it is not getting results
so that way i need help
i am new to this mimo topic
i had written the code for mimo channel but it showing the results as
   ''undifined command/function 'mimo' ''
here is my code
please help me

clear all
chan = mimochan(4,4,1e-4,60)
y = filter(chan, x)
t = (0:25)*chan.sampleperiod;
plot (t,abs(y))
xlabel ('time(s)')
legend('1st antenna output','2nd antenna output')

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