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Thread Subject:
Editbox deletes text

Subject: Editbox deletes text

From: Brett

Date: 2 Sep, 2012 21:36:06

Message: 1 of 2

Hi, my edit text box causes the input text to disappear when you click off of it. How do I stop it from doing this. My code is below:

function edit1_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
Variable1 = get(hObject, 'string')
set(hObject, 'string', hObject(1:end-1))

Subject: Editbox deletes text

From: Sadik

Date: 2 Sep, 2012 21:54:08

Message: 2 of 2

Hi Brett,

Revise the following line:

set(hObject, 'string', hObject(1:end-1));

I don't know what you would like to do but it seems to serve that purpose, the second hObject should be replaced with Variable1 as follows:

set(hObject, 'string', Variable1(1:end-1));


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