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Thread Subject:
ls lists the contents of current folder

Subject: ls lists the contents of current folder

From: imagevision

Date: 14 Sep, 2012 10:08:08

Message: 1 of 2

Dear All,
Please suggest something on the ls command of matlab in windows and unix.

list = ls(name) returns the files and folders in the current folder that match the specified name to list.
as shown in

Output Arguments
1)On UNIX platforms, list is a character row vector of names separated by tab and space characters.
2)On Microsoft Windows platforms, list is an m-by-n character array of names—m is the number of names and n is the number of characters in the longest name. MATLAB pads names shorter than n characters with space characters.

how i can get
list = ls(name)
similar to that of windows?

and advance thanks

Subject: ls lists the contents of current folder

From: Bruno Luong

Date: 14 Sep, 2012 12:33:07

Message: 2 of 2

Use functions such as "ispc islinux computer" to know the system, then convert your data appropriately.

Also take a look at "dir" command.


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