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Thread Subject:
actxcontrol for NI 1422 board

Subject: actxcontrol for NI 1422 board

From: machatsk

Date: 18 Sep, 2012 16:50:08

Message: 1 of 1


I am trying to grab frames from my NI 1422 board and perform several image processing techniques. How do I create an activeX control object in Matlab?

I see that I need to call:

h = actxcontrol('progid',position,fig_handle)

Several issues: I do not have the IMAQ toolbox, so I cannot call videoinput() to retrieve the progid / device ID for my NI board. How can I get a valid progid so Matlab and my board communicate?

Also, I would like the video feed to be displayed in a GUI I have created. How can I do that? (where do I pass in the parent handle?)


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