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Thread Subject:
depfun('') shows errors.

Subject: depfun('') shows errors.

From: meng long

Date: 4 Nov, 2012 20:34:09

Message: 1 of 1

Dear Sir:

1. I run "depfun('')" in Matlab 2011a, the result is as follows

??? Error using ==> newdepfun
The specified super-class 'Simulink.ModelReference.NormalModeCallback' contains a parse error or cannot be found on MATLAB's search path, possibly shadowed by
another file with the same name.

Error in ==> depfun>analyze_trace_all at 489
        [arglist{:}] = newdepfun(trace_list,ndf_options{:} );

Error in ==> depfun at 312
        analyze_trace_all; % calls newdepfun

2. No problem occurs when I Call '' in Matlab 2011a, and in dotnetbuilding.
    But in dotnetbuilding of Matlab 2012a/2012b, different problems occurs. For example:
     Bad Allocation, undefined function 'frd', ...

3. This problem had disturbed me long time in promoting to Matlab 2012a.

look forward for


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