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Thread Subject:
Warning of depdir and depfun

Subject: Warning of depdir and depfun

From: meng long

Date: 5 Nov, 2012 03:06:15

Message: 1 of 1

1. a = depdir('Basic.HmTable'), 'Basic.HmTable' is a Matlab Class without any relation with Simulink. Running depdir('Basic.HmTable') or depfun('Basic.HmTable') shows:

Warning: Undefined function or method 'slwsprmattrib' for input arguments of type 'char'.
> In depfun>analyze_trace_all at 489
  In depfun at 312
  In depdir at 21
ans =
Undefined function or variable 'slcustomize'.

There are methods in 'Basic.HmTable' , in which '' etc HDF5-methods are called. depfun('') shows errors. why?

2. The matlab class 'Basic.HmTable' runs well in Matlab 2011a and in dotnetbuider.
But in Matlab 2012a, dotnetbuilder with 'Basic.HmTable' shows different error:
      Bad Allocation
      Undefined function 'frd'
Different errors occur in different projects built by dotnetbuider.


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