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Thread Subject:
Wire Frame in 3D plot

Subject: Wire Frame in 3D plot

From: Josh

Date: 6 Nov, 2012 02:38:08

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Hi All,

I'm making a figure which consists of a number of planes in 3D space. At the moment I'm just listing the points, say 3, and using the fill3 command to give me a plane with a gradient colour. Obviously using fill3 with three points gives me a triangle in 3D, four points gives me a rectangle etc.

Everythings working fine but I thought it would look nicer with a wireframe rather than such a solid colour/set of colours. I've looked a bit into delaunay triangles, trimesh, and mesh commands. But I'm unsure if a) these are the right things for me and b) how to apply them to planes made up of only 3 or 4 points. All of the examples I see use many more sample points, for example [x,y] = meshgrid(1:15,1:15);

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Subject: Wire Frame in 3D plot

From: Josh

Date: 8 Nov, 2012 02:00:20

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Did this not get seen? Or is it just not possible?

Subject: Wire Frame in 3D plot

From: Adam A

Date: 14 Nov, 2012 09:22:16

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You could try plotting it using the patch command, and then set the 'FaceColor' to 'none'.


Subject: Wire Frame in 3D plot

From: Miikka

Date: 29 May, 2013 14:33:09

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In some of the plotting functions you can set the transparency of the faces with:


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