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Thread Subject:
Finding Labels of Image Region while using SVM

Subject: Finding Labels of Image Region while using SVM

From: Khalid Iqbal

Date: 26 Nov, 2012 06:41:11

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Dear Friends

I am using SVM to classify image regions. These regions have unequal dimension sizes.
I resized these regions into 20x20 for uniformity of dimensions. I used labels like this in matlab:

I am using svm to classify these regions into two classes (1) selected and (2) de-selected.
How can I label each image region into (1) selected and (2) de-selected?

for example:
ImageRegion is of 12x25 while resized image region in binary form is 20x20.
My requirement is to get a label value 1 for selected image region and 0 for de-selected region.

Thanks in advance



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