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Thread Subject:
how to write a cell in excel file

Subject: how to write a cell in excel file

From: Saad

Date: 11 Dec, 2012 09:08:10

Message: 1 of 1

Dear all,

could you please advise on how I could write cell information in excel file. here is some part of the code.

      for i=1:100
        xlswrite('P:\....excelfile.xls',out_weight{i}, 'Sheet2','b9');


out_weight{i} represents the cell. The matrices in the cell do not have the same size so unfortunately I cannot convert my cell into a matrix and write it in excel. As you can see in my code I used a loop which I am sure is not the most efficient way to do what I want to do. Any thought on this?
 My second problem is regarding the loop, every time it loops the column of the cell changes but I do not manage to change the location in excel file. What I mean is that every time it loops it should change from b9 to c9 to d9 etc unfortunately I do not manage to include that in my code. Any advice is most welcome. Thanks a lot


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