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Thread Subject:
points inside triangle

Subject: points inside triangle

From: Marios Karaoulis

Date: 20 Dec, 2012 06:08:06

Message: 1 of 2

Hi all,

I have created a triangulation, and I need giving a set of points, to find in which triangle they belong.
In other words I am searching for an alternative of pointLocation.

I cannot use the delaunayn class, since the triangles are created with an external program.
How can I do this?

Subject: points inside triangle

From: Marios Karaoulis

Date: 20 Dec, 2012 07:06:07

Message: 2 of 2

This is what I come up with.

m the number of triangles
inv_mesh_tri the triangluation index (mx3)
inv_mesh_coords a matrix with the coordinates of each node (2xn)

x_centers, y_centers the points I need to test.

SI should be identical with the output of pointLocation

for i=1:length(inv_mesh_tri)
    xv=[inv_mesh_coords(inv_mesh_tri(i,1),1) inv_mesh_coords(inv_mesh_tri(i,2),1) inv_mesh_coords(inv_mesh_tri(i,3),1) inv_mesh_coords(inv_mesh_tri(i,1),1)];
    yv=[inv_mesh_coords(inv_mesh_tri(i,1),2) inv_mesh_coords(inv_mesh_tri(i,2),2) inv_mesh_coords(inv_mesh_tri(i,3),2) inv_mesh_coords(inv_mesh_tri(i,1),2)];
% plot(xv,yv,'r');
% hold on
% plot(x_centers,y_centers,'x');
% hold on
% plot(x_centers(SI==1),y_centers(SI==1),'gx');
% hold off;

What do you think?

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