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Thread Subject:
hinfgs questions

Subject: hinfgs questions

From: Pietro

Date: 22 Dec, 2012 15:07:07

Message: 1 of 1

Hi, i have some question about the funciont in subject. I read the doc. and the LMI Control Toolbox manual (chap. 7), but i could't find answer.

First of all, the LTI controller (on each polytope vertex) is a static state feedback controller? (or a dynamical output feedback one?). I'd like to know to try calculate them with my own code (through lmi lab or other solvers) and check they.

Second, the standard system definition (wrt LMI Control Toolbox manual)

(with rigth matrix p-dependent)

how is translated into input argument for ltisys function? Becouse the polytopic system needs to be created with psys which receive as input a list of systems created with ltisys.
I simply tried B=[B1 B2], D=[D21 D22], like if the input was [w u]. But in this way how can it keep under control the so called "output for control" z ?

Third, the output of hinfgs 'pdK' (again wrt LMI C.T. manual) is a unique large matrix. How its dimension is linked to vertex-controllers dimensions? In my system the output for feedback y was 1x1 and pdK is 11x49 :)

Thanks in advance (sorry for bad english)


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