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Thread Subject:
selection of combination under required conditions

Subject: selection of combination under required conditions

From: sathish kumar

Date: 2 Jan, 2013 11:24:07

Message: 1 of 1

i want to find out combination that are satisfieng my conditions i.e
a1=12; b1=5; c1=5;
a2=13; b2=6; c2=2;
a3=14; b3=7; c3=8;
a4=15; b4=8; c4=9;
r=14; h=7;
my condition is i want choose the combination that r>=a(i) and h>=b(i) and c should be max(i) i.e, if i found 3 combination say( (a1,b1,c1) (a2,b2,c2) (a3,b3,c3) )
satisfies above conditions i.e, r>=a(i) and h>=b(i)
and from these combination ,i want to choose the combination that has maximum 'c' value.
in example
a1=12; b1=5; c1=5;
a2=13; b2=6; c2=2;
a3=14; b3=7; c3=8;
 here first two combination satisfies our condition i.e,r>=a(i) and h>=b(i),but the value of c is not maximum of total combinations
here we have selected 3rd combination because it satisfies conditions i.e,r>=a(i) and h>=b(i) and as well as it has maximum C value

i have written code but it not giving the proper results
for i=1:length(set)
    if r >= a(i);
        if h >= b(i);
            if maxc == c(i);
                selected = i;
choosen_set = dt{selected}

in this code i am getting the combination that satisfies r>=a(i) and h>=b(i), but not combination that has maximum c value from the found combinations i.e i am gaetting the combination a2=13; b2=6; c2=2; instead of combination a3=14; b3=7; c3=8;

please help me in this code ,i have tried but i am getting correct results
thanks in advance

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