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Thread Subject:
Matlab GUI with timer in the background

Subject: Matlab GUI with timer in the background

From: Nima Nikvand

Date: 6 Jan, 2013 05:17:08

Message: 1 of 1

Hello everyone,

I have a GUI (developed using guide) and I need to show the current time and date in one of its corners, I have written a simple code which works alright, however I am not sure where in the GUI code to use it. When I use the code in GUI_OpeningFcn, which executes just before gui is made visible, it shows the time but MATLAB remains busy and I won't be able to run anything else from the command window, furthermore, I am not sure how to stop the timer and delete the timer when the GUI is closed. When I use handles to save timer created in OpeningFcn and later delete the timer in OutputFcn, I get an error saying my handle is invalid! The code is posted below and I appreciate any help with this.



function timexup(obj,event,handles)
set(handles.text6,'Fontsize', 10, 'FontWeight', 'bold');

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