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Thread Subject:
sbiosimulate (sensitivity analysis) error

Subject: sbiosimulate (sensitivity analysis) error

From: Jerry

Date: 1 Feb, 2013 22:41:08

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When I ran this function:

[T, X, N] = sbiosimulate(A);

I got following error:

No outputs have been specified for sensitivity analysis. The RuntimeOptions.StatesToLog in the active configset will be used as default outputs. This default behavior will be deprecated in a future release of SimBiology.

How can I get rid of this?


Subject: sbiosimulate (sensitivity analysis) error

From: Pramod Kumar

Date: 4 Feb, 2013 14:10:08

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Hi Jerry,

The reason why you are getting that warning is because SensitivityAnalysis is enabled but the list of states for which the sensitivity is to be computed is not specified.

If you do not want to compute sensitivities, you can get rid of this warning by turning sensitivity analysis off as follows:
A.getconfigset.SolverOptions.SensitivityAnalysis = false

If you do want to compute sensitivities, then you can set the states for which sensitivity is computed as follows:

A.getconfigset.SensitivityAnalysisOptions.Outputs = A.species %compute sensitivities for all species

- Pramod

Subject: sbiosimulate (sensitivity analysis) error

From: Jerry

Date: 5 Feb, 2013 01:23:09

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OK, if I want to add all parameters and all species how I could modify your command line.


Subject: sbiosimulate (sensitivity analysis) error

From: Pramod Kumar

Date: 5 Feb, 2013 18:40:24

Message: 4 of 4

Hi Jerry,

Add all species as outputs for the sensitivity analysis as follows:
A.getconfigset.SensitivityAnalysisOptions.Outputs = A.species

You can add all parameters as inputs by the following command:
A.getconfigset.SensitivityAnalysisOptions.Inputs = A.Parameters

If you want to compute sensitivities for all species and non-constant parameters use

nonConstParams = sbioselect(A, 'type','parameter', 'ConstantValue', false);
A.getconfigset.SensitivityAnalysisOptions.Outputs = [A.species; nonConstParams];

To learn more about sbioselect go to

- Pramod

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