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Thread Subject:
Need help with robotic arm function

Subject: Need help with robotic arm function

From: Cory Lauer

Date: 3 Feb, 2013 22:44:08

Message: 1 of 1

function [] = armSim(theta1, theta2, a1, a2)

a0 = 5.64;
Y1 = a0;
Y2 = (a0 + (a1 * sind(theta1)));
Y3 = (Y2 + (a2 * sind(theta2)));
X1 = 0;
X2 = (0 + (a1 * cosd(theta1)));
X3 = (X2 + (a2 * cosd(theta2)));
line([-4 0], [0 0]);
hold on;
line([0 0], [0 a0]);
t = 0:0.1:2*pi;
x = cos(t)/15;
y = (sin(t)/15) + a0;
x = (cos(t)/15) + (0 + (a1 * cosd(theta1)));
y = (sin(t)/15) + (a0 + (a1 * sind(theta1)));
x = (cos(t)/15) + X3;
y = (sin(t)/15) + Y3;
hold off;

This code takes 2 values of theta and 2 values of length to produce a simulation of the position of a 2DOF robotic arm in a standard graph. I need to change the output so that 0 degrees is graphed along the positive y-axis, 90 along the positive x-axis, and -90 along the negative x-axis. Help?

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