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Thread Subject:
GUI - uitable programmatically updated

Subject: GUI - uitable programmatically updated

From: JayTee

Date: 13 Feb, 2013 21:13:05

Message: 1 of 1


I am a MATLAB user but new to building a GUI. I am trying to do something that is quite basic but I am running into issues. I have designed a GUI and I would like to have my table updated programmatically using a variable that is on the Workspace. I have seen many posts regarding updating a variable inside the GUI. For me it's the other way, I just want to have a table updated with new values based on the calculated array once I run my GUI.

Here is a sample of my code:
% --- Executes when entered data in editable cell(s) in uitable6.
function uitable6_CellEditCallback(hObject, eventdata, handles)

 set(handles.uitable6,'LambdaTable',LambdaTable) %Lambda table is in

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