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Thread Subject:
Train Hidden Markov Model and define emission matrix

Subject: Train Hidden Markov Model and define emission matrix

From: perdana Adhitama

Date: 18 Feb, 2013 09:03:03

Message: 1 of 1

I am new to image processing in Matlab, Now i am working on character recognition using HMM with Matlab Statistical toolbox.

I have an input image width : 400, height : 100 and the image is binary image. I divided each input image into 10 horizontal blocks. In each block, i calculate the density of the image. Therefore in each image i can obtain 10 feature vectors.

Suppose F is feature vectors of an image

F=[26 55 74 123 186 260 258 75 43 21]

My question is how to convert feature vectors to hmm sequence, so that i can use it using hmmtrain command.what is the emission matrix in my case ?

before asking this question i have seen similar example by Omid Sakhi. However, i still do not understand.

Thanks for your help.

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