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Thread Subject:

Subject: overlay

From: Jessica

Date: 5 Mar, 2013 00:34:09

Message: 1 of 1

I have two images. The first image is imported from a .jpeg file. The second image is a color map (double: 2220x3336). I overlay the colormap atop the first image to create the "final image":

ibg2 = image(this,'XData',[0 1],'YData',[0 1]); %jpeg image
hold on
iim2 = image(heatmx*255,'XData',[0 1],'YData',[0 1]); %colormap

My problem is that the colormap image is mostly blue (representing no data at those locations). Therefore, my "final image" is mostly blue as well. I was wondering whether it is possible to remove all the blue so that the overlaid color map doesn't have any blue and final image only shows the actual image for pixels for which there was no data.


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