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Thread Subject:
(semi-)automatic conversion of GUIDE-GUIs into java swing GUIs

Subject: (semi-)automatic conversion of GUIDE-GUIs into java swing GUIs

From: Johannes Korsawe

Date: 5 Mar, 2013 14:01:08

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Dear community,

i am approaching the field of including JAVA swing elements into my guis. A big help is Yair Altman's book of "undocumented secrets..."

As of now, i design all my guis vie the GUIDE-environment, no matter, what pitfalls that may have. Via "Generate m-code"-Button i can also generate the ui-objects AS IF i had programmed them on my own. So my question is general:

Is there a way to more-or-less automatically replace the uicomponents in such an m-file (that designs the surface and includes the reactions on buttons pressed etc.) by the corresponding JAVA swing components? Has anyone already tried that? Is there some short-circuit in my thoughts, s.t. this won't be possible or not at all that eay, as i could think, it is?

Thank you for reading up to now.

Best regards,

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