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Thread Subject:
JAVA swing guis --> subject to quick changes?

Subject: JAVA swing guis --> subject to quick changes?

From: Johannes Korsawe

Date: 5 Mar, 2013 14:05:10

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Dear community,

i am making first steps into using JAVA swing gui-elemnts in my programs.

Someone warned me about JAVA, that the standards of language change a lot more rapidly than e.g. m-code changes, so that one has to watch out much more carefully after syntax, versions, releases etc. of java classes and standards.

To all you JAVAx.swing programmers out there: is that true? Am i spoiled by m-code, that still runs nearly unchanged two, four, eight releases later?
What would i have to watch after, to make no faults in this field?

Best regards,

Subject: JAVA swing guis --> subject to quick changes?

From: Malcolm Lidierth

Date: 9 Mar, 2013 01:36:08

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The Java APIs are extremely stable and do not change within a major release. My own Java Swing code runs on MATLAB R2008a through R2013a without change - but the m-code requires some MATLAB version workarounds.

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