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Thread Subject:
how to use comm.FSKModulator function

Subject: how to use comm.FSKModulator function

From: Timothy Koh

Date: 11 Mar, 2013 11:21:10

Message: 1 of 1

I would like like to transmit the data E using FSK modulation. However I i am facing some problems declaring the input for comm.FSKModulator. The following is my codes. I hope someone with this area of knowledge can help me with it.

E= <2457600x1 double>
hEnc = comm.BCHEncoder('CodewordLength',127,'MessageLength',8);
hDec = comm.BCHDecoder('CodewordLength',127,'MessageLength',8);
hMod = comm.FSKModulator(??);
hChan = comm.AWGNChannel('NoiseMethod','Signal to noise ratio (SNR)','SNR',1);
hDemod = comm.FSKDemodulator(??);
hError = comm.ErrorRate('ComputationDelay',3);

encodedData = step(hEnc,E);
modSignal = step(hMod, encodedData);
receivedSignal = step(hChan, modSignal);
demodSignal = step(hDemod, receivedSignal);
receivedBits = step(hDec, demodSignal);
errorStats = step(hError, E, receivedBits);

fprintf('Error rate = %f\nNumber of errors = %d\n',errorStats(1), errorStats(2))


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