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Thread Subject:
Trouble with imrotate (not rotating)

Subject: Trouble with imrotate (not rotating)

From: Michael

Date: 11 Mar, 2013 20:43:05

Message: 1 of 2

Imrotate seems to be translating my image instead of rotating it. Here is the relavent portion of my code:

for r = 1:Full_Size
    theta = r; %theta in degrees

    imR = imrotate(imcand, theta); %Uses degrees {'nearest'}
    imC = imcrop(imR, rect);

    if (r == 1 || r == center || r == Full_Size)
        figure('Name', strcat('imcandTransformed r:', num2str(theta))); imshow(imC);

I am trying to incrementally rotate the image to compare to the original, but the figures that are being displayed have been translated and not rotated. Note: I am using a selected rectangular portion of my original image. I have tried using "Rotate an image about a point"
by Jan Motl but have the same problem.
Anyone with insight here?

Subject: Trouble with imrotate (not rotating)

From: Image Analyst

Date: 12 Mar, 2013 01:48:05

Message: 2 of 2

If your cropping rectangle is not exactly in the center of the image, then of course it will look like the image was also translated.

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