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Thread Subject:
Extracting specific row data from CANalyzer log file (*.asc)

Subject: Extracting specific row data from CANalyzer log file (*.asc)

From: Yadunandan

Date: 14 Mar, 2013 02:31:06

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In my day to day work, I log several data using CANalyzer to collect vehicle CAN network data and its a *.asc format. This log file contains all the CAN messages present on the network. But, I'd like to import the whole log file in to Matlab but would like to extract only specific rows. The rows can be identified by specific CAN ID.

For example, if the entire log file has a total of 1000 rows, it could be shared between two CAN IDs as 500 rows with CAN ID '222', and the rest of 500 rows with CAN ID '333'.
What I'd like to achieve is, 'To load the entire log file but extract only the rows that contains CAN ID of '222'.

I made a script file which works successfully but only if the log file contains all the identical rows.

So, could some help me to achieve my goal please. Any script file that would help me to solve this would be greatly helpful.


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