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Thread Subject:
2d plotting of an uneven data array

Subject: 2d plotting of an uneven data array

From: Zahra

Date: 21 Mar, 2013 21:52:06

Message: 1 of 1

Hi All

I have an uneven array made of x,y,z. The way the array is constructed is for a given x, there are different range and numbers for y: here is an example (just assuming z=15 for simplicity here):
x y z
1 1 15
1 2 15
1 3 15
2 2 15
2 3 15
2 4 15
2 5 15
3 5.5 15
3 6.5 15
4 1 15
4 2 15
4 3 15
I would need to make a 2d colour plot of z values with the x and y axes be the axes of the 2d values. I know I could make an even array using different interpolation functions such as TriScatteredInterp but I do not want to do any interpolation, instead I just want to display the z data in xy increments that are given in the data array. Does anyone know whether this is possible and if yes how? Thanks, much appreciated. Z

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