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Thread Subject:
Run sections in debugging mode

Subject: Run sections in debugging mode

From: Namo Namo

Date: 30 Mar, 2013 18:23:09

Message: 1 of 1

I just jumped from r2011b to r2013a and am still learning the new interface. Here is something I want to ask for help. Previously, after I use keyboard to enter into debugging mode inside a function, I can open another script in the editor, and run additional codes, and can do so by running cells in that script using the buttons.

As a simple example, my function to be debugged may be:

function val = addtwo(a,b)
val = a+b;

and once in debugging mode, I can open another script and check other things using the run cells buttons in the editor.





With r2013a, cells become sections, and I cannot find the buttons to run sections of another script while debugging.

Can someone confirm that what I used to do is no longer possible in r2013a? Any alternatives?


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