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Thread Subject:
Minimise functions with 3 variables

Subject: Minimise functions with 3 variables

From: Andrea

Date: 9 Apr, 2013 20:16:05

Message: 1 of 2

Dear all
I have the following function in matlab:

function modelYData=modelFun(R,d,C,x)




I need to find the values for R (single integer); d(single integer) and C (vector of five elements in the from of 5 equally spaced integer with distance of 0.5) which minimise the function (which is a curvilinear function).

I tried different methods like fmincon and lsqcurvefit, but I was not able to make them work with so many variables.

I really appreciate if someone can give me an help.

Subject: Minimise functions with 3 variables

From: Andrea

Date: 10 Apr, 2013 08:00:13

Message: 2 of 2

I forgot to mention 2 important point:

- I need to fit the function to some data I collected so by minimising I meant finding the values of
which give me the minimum sum of squares error in fitting this function to the data.

Also, in my previous message there is an imperfections. The function as only 1 variable which is x, but 3 parameters. The main issue is that one parameter - C - must assume 5 values with the only constrain that this 5 values are equally spaced with a distance of 0.5.


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