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Thread Subject:
matlab c# programming

Subject: matlab c# programming

From: Fei

Date: 11 Apr, 2013 07:30:14

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I used matlab to call the c# interface to retrieve some data as below:

price = histData.getTickData(...);

price is a list of c# object, which ecapsulates the price info such as price, volume, turnover.
I use the below loop to extract the price and convert into matlab matrix

matlab_price = nan(price.Length, 8);
for i=1:price.Length
    matlab_price(i,1) = price(1).time;
    matlab_price(i,2) = price(1).volume;
    matlab_price(i,8) = price(1).turnover;

The above loop and the 8 assignments were very slow, which took around 0.2s to finish compared to a total of 0.22 execution time.
As the price is a c# object, there is no way to use the vector-grammer such as
matlab_price(:, 1) = [price.time];
matlab_price(:, 2) = [price.volume];
Any idea how to improve the "assigment" performance?

Thanks in advance

Subject: matlab c# programming

From: Yair Altman

Date: 20 Apr, 2013 17:48:09

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Cross reference:

Yair Altman

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